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The Benefits of Taking Coffee Enemas

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Interested in a coffee enema kit?

Coffee Enemas image by Health Books AustraliaAre you interested in taking coffee enemas but not too sure about how it would benefit you? It might seem strange having to use coffee as an enema solution. Look past it though and you’d find that it’s certainly all for a good reason.

Numerous health studies have shown that taking an enema is one of the most effective and holistic methods for detoxifying the body. A coffee enema kit takes it one step further by using organic coffee as an enema solution. Such a solution contains rich quantities of caffeine which in itself is a powerful antioxidant. Compared to that of regular saline-based solution, it’s easy to see how enemas offer far superior results.

Are coffee enemas for you?

Now you’ve probably never heard about organic coffee enema kits before although it’s actually been around for quite some time now. A German-born physicist named Dr. Max Gerson initially developed the procedure in the early 1930s as a holistic treatment for debilitating diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. Today, it is widely recognised by most health experts as a means of naturally cleansing the body from the inside out. How does it actually work though?

The key towards the powerful detox effect of coffee enemas lies in its revitalising effect on one’s liver. As a potent stimulant, coffee is more efficiently absorbed by the body through the hemmorhoidal veins which in turn speeds up bile production in the liver removing embedded waste and toxins in the body.

Coffee enema weight loss

Apart from a coffee enema detox, the above-mentioned treatment is also highly sought after as an aid towards weight loss. This is particularly true for people who’ve found it practically impossible to lose weight no matter how much they exercise or maintain a low calorie diet. Many are quick to note that they’ve felt much lighter immediately after the procedure (as much as 10 to 15 pounds lighter). Regularly taking a coffee enema also relieves constipation and raising energy levels in the body for burning fat making it that much easier to maintain a healthy weight.

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Taking an Enema at Home

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Interested in a home enema kit?

Did you know that you can now privately administer an enema at home? Enemas are some of the best ways of cleansing the body from the inside and out. That said, people generally aren’t to keen about walking into a clinic to undergo an enema. If that sounds a lot like you then you’d be glad to know that there’s a more discreet and albeit less expensive alternative – home enema kits!

Getting your own enema supplies and equipment

Enema at home image by Health Books AustraliaIndeed it’s now possible to undergo an enema from the comforts of your home and you need only invest in your own supplies and equipment for a cleansing enema. The easiest way to do that is to simply pick up a kit of it; one that contains everything you need to get started.

The typical enema kit comes with all the necessary supplies and equipment from enema bags, tubes and nozzles to several packs of organic coffee enema or which ever type of enema solution you’d prefer. The latter comes highly recommended as caffeine in itself is a potent antioxidant and better absorbed by the body when introduced directly to the liver. These kits also should come with a step by step instructions from setting up the equipment to administering the enema at home.

Of course there are a couple of things that you’d want to consider when choosing an enema kit. For one thing, you’d want to avoid enema supplies that are made from PVC or plastic unless you’re opting for the disposable variety. Plastic deteriorates over time and may introduce harmful toxins into your enema solution. Make sure that your enema bag is made from either rubber or silicone; these might cost you a little more but it’s a lot safer and ideal for repeated use.

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A Good Look at the Bulb Enema

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What exactly is an enema bulb?

Bulb enema image by Health Books AustraliaThe bulb enema can be described as one of the most common type of enema equipment available in the market. It works more like a syringe delivering a pocket of enema solution to cleanse the lower part of the colon. You might be wondering though – is it the right enema equipment for you? How does it compare with most other type of enema equipment in the market?

Now one thing that is truly notable about enema bulb and douche is it’s small form factor. These are available in different sizes although most enema bulbs are limited to a maximum capacity of 224 ml. That’s hardly enough for a full enema but most people prefer it as an effective and convenient alternative particularly when treating constipation and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Advantages of using a bulb enema

Due to its small size, the bulb enema isn’t exactly the equipment of choice if your goal is a full and satisfying detox cleanse. Hence its often not offered as a part of a home enema kit and something that you’ll have to purchase separately.

Of course there are certainly advantages in opting for these so called bulb enema syringes. For one thing, it’s a great way to do a detox cleanse without using too much solution and hardly requires any long preparations as opposed to using a full sized enema bag. Hence you can potentially use it while travelling or at work with no fuss or mess.

Yet another advantage to using the enema bulb is that for a reusable enema equipment, it is relatively cheap. An enema bulb would generally cost you less than $20 while enema bags can cost you twice or even triple that amount. Ideal for people who are not looking to spend much and simply test the waters before moving on to a full enema.

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